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Accidental deletion of mails is inevitable and can take place in any of the email clients be it Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes. The main concern which is left behind the deletion is whether the emails are recoverable or not and if they are recoverable how can this happen. Similar is the case with mail deletion in MS Outlook. Once the mails get deleted and in worst case permanently deleted, the only question which arises is How to Recover Microsoft Outlook Emails? If your mind is also filled up with such queries then read on to find more about the methods which can efficiently perform the recovery.

Configuration Modes In MS Outlook

MS Outlook works in two different configuration modes. One is when Outlook is synchronized with Exchange server and the other when it’s not in sync with Exchange server. When Outlook is synchronized with Exchange server the deleted mails can be recovered effectually with manual methods. But in the other case the deleted mails are hard to recover and often require application of an external tool.

Recovery Of Outlook Mails When Synchronized With Exchange

When Outlook is synchronized with Exchange server, the permanently deleted mails get stored in the dumpster folder. The dumpster folder is nothing but a folder that stores the deleted mails for a particular time period. The dumpster folder facilitates mail recovery in malicious or accidental deletion scenarios. The permanently deleted mails are kept or stored in the dumpster folder for a maximum period of 15 days. This time period is the default time period for which the mails are stored in their original format and structure but once this retention period is exceeded it is impossible to recover the mails.

In case the retention period has not expired the mails can be recovered manually. Now, the obvious query which arises is How to Recover Microsoft Outlook Emails stored in dumpster folder? The DumpsterAlwaysOn key facilitates the recovery of deleted mails. This key ensures mail recovery of deleted mails from all the folders of MS Outlook. When the mails are to be recovered from shared mailboxes, the value of DumpsterAlwaysOn key is set to 1.

For performing the procedure follow the given steps:

  • Open the Registry Editor.
  • Browse for the given location of Dumpster folder.


DWORD: DumpsterAlwaysOn

  •  Change the value of the key to 1.

Once the dumpster value is changed to 1, the mails stored in the folder are recovered in their respective folders.


Recovery Of Outlook Mails When Not In Sync With Exchange

Recovery of hard deleted mails nearly becomes an impossible task when Outlook is not synchronized with Exchange Server. The hard deleted mails, when Outlook is not in sync with Exchange, do not get stored in a dumpster folder. This is because dumpster folder comes into existence only with Exchange server itself. Once the mails are hard deleted they cannot be recovered by any of the manual methods.

External Application For Mail Recovery

Now the question which arises is How to recover Microsoft Outlook emails when Outlook is not synchronized with Exchange? In such a scenario the only way out is to deploy a third party application. One such application is Outlook recovery software for damaged PST files. The Outlook PST file recovery tool efficiently recovers all the deleted mails from the default folders of MS Outlook. Moreover, even if Outlook is synchronized with Exchange and the manual procedures fail, this tool can be made into use. Also the tool offers the option to recover selective deleted mails.

If there is any trouble associated with offline OST file then in such case users are advised to go for a reliable converter for OST to PST file which can provide expert solution for users who are facing OST corruption troubles.

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